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At Nothart we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and providing a quote for you gives us just that. You can help to reduce the turnaround time, and improve your return on investment in equipment by having some of your process specs ready when you call us. We enjoy recommending the highest quality equipment, and will make it as efficient as possible in your environment. Some of the most common answers we are looking for when we ask for details are:

  • Your contact information
  • What does the equipment you are sizing do, in the process?
  • What are the properties of the fluid/air involved? (Temperature, viscosity, flow rate, operating pressure, etc.)
  • What is the available energy to power the equipment? (Air, Electricity V/PH, Engine)
  • Size of connections required?
  • Any additional requirements? (Food Grade, Explosion proof, -40C )
  • Circumstances of location? (Elevations, Distances, Tank sizes, Clean, Dirty)

Rest assured that we have your best interests at heart. Based on the above information and some additional questions, we will recommend, size, and price the equipment you need, to be more profitable! ... So don't delay, simply fill out the form below or Call us at (204) 452-6411 to get started.

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