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As Nothart continued to grow and expand its Equipment offerings, we realized that many of our customers in the Manufacturing Sector were looking for more efficient ways to apply coatings to their finished products. With that in mind we were able to acquire the Exel/Kremlin/Sames product line. There are numerous businesses that use our spray guns to coat everything from Cabinets, Busses, all types of Mechanical/Agricultural Equipment , and Aerospace components, to name a few.

We are happy to say that we have customers in all these endeavors as well as many more. If you are looking for a coating equipment provider, we can help you with parts and service for your current guns and pumps, regardless of brand, or method (Liquid, Electrostatic, or Powder). If you are looking to expand or upgrade we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the features, advantages, and benefit of owning lifetime Exel equipment.


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