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Cincinnati Fan

The OEM and Industrial Air Handling specialists providing superior customer satisfaction for over 50 years. Specializing in cast aluminum and fabricated steel, aluminum and stainless steel fans in the ¼ to 125 horsepower range. Choose from a wide variety of standard or modified products to fit your needs including centrifugal blowers and fans, axial fans, custom fans and blowers, dust collectors and portable fume exhausters.

The casino uses different types of fans and blowers for different ventilation needs. Since the air in the Australian Casino is often filled with smoke, the ventilation systems must pump a large amount of outside air into the building. In addition to the need for large volumes of outside air australian casinos ventilation systems require at least 20 air changes per hour, which can quickly add up to huge energy bills. Energy recovery is a great way to reduce these costs and save space.

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The Howden Fan Co.

Howden supplies various types of blowers ranging from high pressure multi-stage fans to specialist submerged blowers developed for the nuclear industry.

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