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Industry - Agricultural

The economic engine of the Canadian Prairies has been, and continues to be, our grain growing Agricultural base. Storage, milling, feed, and subsequent Animal husbandry gives rise to an abundance of opportunities in processing related to the named activities.

Nothart has any number of premium food grade equipment to offer these industries and has a very good track record of supplying Blowers, Vacuum pumps, Single point lube, Sanitary food grade pumps, and Mixers of all kinds. We provide pumps for fluming potatoa s, circulating hot oil to deep fry pizza pops, provide flavor for bakery confections, and aerating fish farm tanks . Our current customers Combine, Store, Mill, Press, and Bake Grain, as well as Ranch, Slaughter, and process Beef, Fish, Hog, Poultry, and Dairy. If you are looking to build or improve your facility, please contact us for information.

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